Seniors' Services

  • Legion's 1500 branches provide support to seniors and veterans including low-cost housing, health care and home support
  • Most Canadian communities have Legion branch and Ladies Auxiliary involvement assisted, at the national level, with resource material and advocacy for seniors' rights—approximately $3million and over 300,000 volunteer hours
  • Home Support
    • Legion is dedicated to the principle of seniors living independently in their own homes.
    • Legions works with municipal, provincial and federal agencies to augment official programs including Meals-On-Wheels, transportation, recreation, telephone support, home and visit programs, home support, escort, medical, dental and counselling services
  • Housing
    • Over 150 Legion branches have housing projects committed to providing acceptable and affordable housing for seniors and veterans—valued at $195 million
    • Joint initiative of Dominion Command and VAC, The Legion's Housing Centre for Excellence has provided, since May 2000, assistance to branches and Commands with housing projects and real property issues.
    • National Directory of Legion-Sponsored Accommodation is a reference for Legion housing and is evidence of the commitment of branches.
    • Long Term Care Surveyor administers a 'quality of care' questionnaire.
  • Community Service Resources
    • Legion branch commitments include health care, recreation and social activities, safety at home, crime-proofing, avoidance of fraud, elder abuse and con games.

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