• Legion is Canada's largest, veteran-based community service organization mandated to care for veterans, service members and dependants primarily through the Legion Service Bureau—app. 1600 volunteers and professionals at all levels assist to secure pensions and benefitsLegion Logo
  • Legion Service Bureau, founded after the First World War to help the entitled obtain federal government pensions, is funded in part by the Poppy Campaign and provides free assistance to Legion members and non-members
  • The age of Canada's veterans is increasing and the need for assistance for them and their dependants is increasing
  • Service Officers, aiding still-serving military and RCMP members, are dealing with younger applicants, some in their 20s
  • All Armed Forces members, with war-time service or not, are eligible for disability pensions/awards for injuries attributable to military service
  • Service Officers help at a community level and at all levels of the governmental process, including the Veterans Review and Appeal Board (VRAB)
  • Military and RCMP service, being more dangerous than most occupations, require the perpetual assistance of the Legion Service Bureau, creating a legacy left by Canada's first veterans to future generations
  • Legion spends $3million each year to sustain the Service Bureau

Lest we forget...Lest we forget

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